Firearms Licence application form. The supervisor must not be using another firearm at the same time. A learner licence lets you drive a vehicle under supervision. New firearm applicants. The issue of Category D firearms licences is restricted to occupational culling of animals. Learn more. if you are applying for a Category A and a Category H licence, you will require two (2) application forms. Allows you to own an inherited firearm or matched pair of firearms when you are not entitled to any other type of firearm licence as a collector or user. Regulation and licence requirements. Form 15A - Application/Renewal for a Shooting Club Permit. Form 15F - Application … Information regarding the License Application process is provided during the course. Find out how to apply for an industry licence or driver authorisation. 2 — 07/04/2009 ∆2‡. Read and confirm the declaration. Please use our complaints and compliments form. Popular services. 1 —01/03/2016 ∆1 Form 1 Application for a Licence—Annexure—Recreational Shooting/Recreational Fishing Page 1 of 1 Please PRINT IN BLOCK LETTERS clearly and legibly in Blue or Black pen. You must lodge your online renewal application before the licence expiry date. Allows you to possess, carry or use muzzle loading firearms; centre fire rifles (not automatic or semi-automatic); any combination of shotgun and centre fire rifle; a lever action shotgun of a magazine capacity of no more than 5 rounds and black powder ball firing cannons. Form title Notes; RCMP 5486: Application for a Firearms Licence for Businesses (Including Museums) Contact the Chief Firearms Officer of your province or territory to get these forms. General Information on obtaining a Weapons Act License for Category H. STEP 1 - Eligibility and Membership of approved pistol clubs A person cannot apply for membership to an approved pistol club unless that person submits with their application for club membership the following information:. Find out how to apply for a recreational wildlife licence. Application form. You can get a firearm or shotgun certificate application form from the firearms licensing unit of your local police force. Submit online form. Form 15B - Application/Renewal for a Shooting Range Approval. Skip links and keyboard navigation. *NOTE: If you are using a internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you need to configure your browser to open this online form using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Ensure you are eligible to apply or renew a Queensland weapons licence or PTA. Download the application form and enter all the requested information. Note: If you are visiting New Zealand for less than a year and need a firearms licence, apply for a visitor licence. You must be 18 or over and meet a number of conditions to get a licence for a weapon. NSW VIC TAS QLD NT SA WA ACT . To make a payment for a firearm renewal notice, please visit our renewal of a firearm licence page for payment options and further information.. Pay Renewal. You must lodge the application for renewal at a Queensland Police station at least the day before the expiry date of the licence. Gun licensing information, including how to apply for, cancel or renew a licence and what forms to fill out. Before you start your application, please read this information carefully. Learn more. A second letter will be sent within 30 days of your licence expiring. Here you will find relevant information, application forms and guides that will assist you when inquiring about a firearm. Free Download. The supporting documentation you need to supply with your new licence application will depend on the class of licence and the reason for your application (your genuine reason). Download the application form and enter all the requested information. Firearm forms for business and carrier licensing; Form no. You will also need to hold a firearm licence with a genuine reason relevant to the purpose specified in your application. The firearm and shotgun application and variation forms … FORM 6A/6B. Download the application forms if … Application for renewal of a licence . There is a mandatory waiting period for a PTA of 28 days from the date the application is lodged. 04 January 2021. Surname Given Name(s) Step 1: Complete the application form. Application Form For Grant of Financial Assistance under the Scheme of Strengthening of Nodal Agencies. New weapons licence. Categories A and B can be combined into one application, however, Categories C, E and H licences will each require separate applications. Skip to content ; Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page (more information) COVID-19.