Probation officers in the District Court are tasked with assisting the Court by preparing Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) reports and providing supervision to adult misdemeanant offenders while on court-ordered terms of probation. The District Court schedules court appearances, collects and distributes funds for both city and county, issues warrants, makes decisions on judicial dispositions, and handles both small and civil claims. This fee is in addition to the existing civil filing fee of $350. PLEASE NOTE: In reference to COVID-19, please see: The following schedule represents the court schedule for the United States District Court Eastern District of North Carolina. Most matters are scheduled in advance but persons known to have out- standing warrants may turn themselves in for arraignment to avoid arrest. Therefore, the information on this website regarding Court Scheduling will no longer be accurate until further notice. The 71-B District Court Probation Department is located on the second floor of the Tuscola County Court House. United States District Court District of Maryland Hon. Warrant in Debts 2pm Unlawful Detainers (This includes all landlord disputes) 3pm Warrant in Detinues, Interrogatories, SC, Capias, Exemption & Motion Hearings Contested Civil Every Wed., 1:00 p.m. 15 June 2020. Monday is set aside for out of custody arraignments. this schedule is provided for the convenience of the public. Drop Boxes. 167th District Court The Honorable Dayna Blazey. Thanks, your message has been sent to District Court! Article V, Section 8 of the Texas Constitution extends a district court’s potential jurisdiction to “all actions” but makes such jurisdiction relative by excluding any matters in which exclusive, appellate, or original jurisdiction is conferred by law upon some other court. District Court Fee Chart - Effective 1 August 2020. The Criminal Division is located at the Michigan Avenue Courthouse; felony preliminary exams are heard and misdemeanor charges with a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail are adjudicated. More people have contact with the district court than any other court. this schedule is provided for the convenience of the public. Court Schedule Pursuant to modified Rule 8-521(a)(2), effective August 1, 2020, cases in the Court of Special Appeals will be “assigned to successive sessions of the Court after the record is complete and the appellee’s brief has been filed” or the time for filing the appellee’s brief has expired. district court of the virgin islands - courtroom schedule. A District Court Judge sits alone without a jury. The Travis County Criminal District Courts preside over felony cases. Home » Judges. In 1891 James H. Beatty was appointed by President Harrison to become the first Federal Judge for the District of Idaho. Please contact the court if you have any questions or if your address or telephone number has changed. The District Court provides fair, impartial and timely adjudication of misdemeanor offenses for both the City of Conway and Faulkner County. Juvenile Courthouse Search form. On Friday, December 25, 2020, the United States District Court, Central District of California, will be closed in recognition of the Christmas holiday. The District Court Coordinator provides the current weeks court schedules. District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule. The District Court of New South Wales is the intermediate court in the states judicial hierarchy. All of these forms require Adobe Reader to view. 12/2020 ) Page 1 of 2 (front) In all cases, except those noted below, the required costs in this Cost Schedule, including the fee for service of process, shall be paid at the time the complaint, writ, petition, or request is filed.